Heath Ledger's Joker....

I have finished and listed a pretty rad hoodie I made from scratch on eBay!! I haven't listed anything on eBay in forever...But this hot lil number is up now, for fans of The Dark Knight!! It's super comfy and super crazy, like the Joker himself ;) Hint: the Joker pic is on the back!



Comic book goodness alllll this week :)

Being a part of the DiYScene Street Team is so frakking fun! We do monthly themes and this month's theme is Superheroes/Comics!! Right up my alley huh? :) I have just listed my first submission for this theme in my Etsy shop: a set of 3 Women of DC Comics magnets! Check them out:


I will be working on more stuff to contribute all week!! It's gonna be really fun, and concentrating on all comic stuff has been really relaxing for me :)

In other comic-related news, I have NOT gone to see Hellboy II yet :( I think we're waiting until Wednesday afternoon, seems to be the only good chunk of time we'll have open to do so! But I can't wait!!!! :)



EyeScream has arrived!

Ok, so it took me long enough to get this set up! But here I am! This blog will be all about promoting my clothing and accessories...(which YOU should check out and buy---link below!) EyeScream is my relief and sanity and I hope you enjoy what has been, and what is yet to come...