EyeScream's First Gallery Show!

Galerie Protege. Look | Sharp: Art and Fashion from the Edge.
February 9, 2012
Chelsea, NYC

The show was awesome! Best turnout they have had! I got my work compared to Alexander MacQueen (!!!), met a lady from Barney's that encouraged me to get in touch with their buyers because they would "snatch these pieces up in a second", met a guy that does work with the Tribeca Film Festival that wants to work with me for film wardrobes, had a lil photoshoot with these foreign photographer guys, and got so many compliments and congratulations that my head actually began to swell (No really, my sinuses are killing me and I feel like crap today...) It was an AMAZING experience and just really crazy awesome. PLUS my dear friend Sheika sent me flowers!!!!!!! She's awesome.

So here's a Facebook album of some shots!

I did a trench coat, paired with one of my logo necklaces...an evening gown and an arm cuff. I wish I had been given more time though because I was wishing I had more out there! The jacket was the clear favorite, people would just stand and stare at it...it was the star of the show :)