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Happy holidayz EyeScream fans!! Don't forget to take advantage of my FREE SHIPPING sale happening in the shop...one of a kind scarves, undies, tops, skirts, and more!! Have a rockin' day!!! ♥Shop HERE!♥


A Whole Lotta Stuff!

Happy post-Thanksgiving! :) Hopefully your holiday was awesome, however you chose to spend it. I actually had Thanksgiving Day off from my day job, for the first time in 9 years!! So that alone made the day pretty rad! This was also my first Thanksgiving since switching my diet to vegan, so I was pretty excited! I took the "safe" route and bought a Tofurky boxed vegan meal:

It included a Tofurky, vegan gravy, Amy's brand vegan chocolate cake, vegan jerky "wish-sticks" and a couple coupons & a postcard! I decided I needed more, because Thanksgiving is all about eating lots, right??? ;) So I also made some vegan stuffing, and added carrots, squash, cranberry sauce, and pickles to the buffet. AND I also found a vegan pumpkin pie!!! I cooked the Tofurky with the soy sauce/oil/sage baste it recommended on the box, and surrounded it with green peppers, onions, and potatoes. It came out FANTASTIC!!!! I could have ate the whole thing in one sitting, it was that good! (But I didn't!) There was enough for me, my husband, and lunches for the next 2 days. I haven't even tried the cake yet, because we just finished the pumpkin pie...but I'm sure that's tasty too! I hope to cook a Tofurky for everyone I know sometime, because it was so much yummier than turkey--I think people are afraid to give it a chance! Thanksgiving CAN be absolutely delicious AND slaughter-free!!

Aside from the Thanksgiving feast, I have been making some new items! A few wrist cuffs, scarves, bandanas, and neck cuffs!! I don't have pictures of everything yet, and will be sending some out to be photographed..as well as getting modeled shots of my scarves new and old! So watch out for those! Here's a few pix of new pieces in the shop:

They can all be found HERE!
More being added very soon!!

I am also doing a FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING promotion in my shop until the end of the year, so don't miss out!!! :D

Feel free to contact me to put in any requests too! I'm not doing custom items at the moment, but will definitely keep requests in mind while creating new pieces!
That's all for now! Enjoy the last couple days of November!


Where has EyeScream been???

...slacking on the blogging obviously! ;)
I hope the summer was rockin' for everyone! I did some traveling, hit up a few concerts as usual, and didn't sew nearly enough. In the beginning of summer, I also started a vegan diet! With a little inspiration from my friend Bianca over at Alter-Eco , I picked up the book Skinny Bitch:

This book used straight-forward, no nonsense language (yes there is swearing, which I of course found rad.) to make some pretty serious points, and it really opened my eyes to what occurs in the dairy and meat industries. And let me tell you, from a prior Big Mac-loving-girl, it's pretty fucking sick. This book also nearly had me in tears. I almost immediately changed the way I was eating, and stocked my fridge and pantry full of vegan goodness. I felt so much better mentally and physically, after only a week! It was amazing. I haven't looked back since and continue to eat only vegan products. I have also made my diet about 95% organic, and it would probably be 100% if everything had an organic version :) Since starting this, I have dropped about 18 pounds, and have had better luck sticking to my yoga workouts! (Yoga=love!)

Even though I have adopted a vegan diet, I want people to know that I am in no way calling myself a Vegan. Obviously, if you've looked in my Etsy shop, or follow me on Facebook, you will notice that I have been working with leather. I do use only faux furs, but leather is something I have wanted to create pieces out of for a long time. This may not be long term, but at least for now I am going to experiment with it. I would like to honor the animals these hides came from, by creating gorgeous pieces of wearable art. Obviously if you're a full-fledged Vegan, I know you disagree with me. That's ok. I admire the way you live, and hope you'll respect my decision on this topic.

So, back to what EyeScream has been up to! On the topic of leather, I created my very first leather jacket this summer! I dubbed it "Golden Eagle in an Oil Spill" because it had a few different leathers combined: black with metallic gold, and a black on black "oil spill" looking pattern. Here's a couple shots:

This jacket went to my rockin' guinea pig Chad Cherry of the awesome band The Last Vegas! Hopefully soon I'll have more rockin' pix to show you! :)

I also have a few new pieces just listed in my shop, featuring the gorgeous Mary Gothcupcake modeling! Isn't she purty??

Next up for the shop is more scarves for the fall/winter season, and wrist cuffs! I am also aiming to have a jacket or two added to the mix.

I think that's about it from EyeScream City. Hope you're all well, and enjoying the start of the fall season!!! Keep rockin'!!
Nicole EyeScream


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Boycotting Make a Wish Foundation

I seriously can't believe this! We have a charity shop where ALL the proceeds go to a charity decided every three months or so. The current charity is Make A Wish. They sent a cease desist letter and demanded all money now. Way to appreciate the efforts of the team! I, for one, will never support Make a Wish again....


New tops listed!

Hey everyone! Just stopping by to let you know I've listed 2 new racerback tank tops, and a super comfy raw edge tee! Check them out HERE!


EyeScream's Spring Fling!!

EyeScream's Spring Fling starts tomorrow!! ALL DAY long, get 25% off your purchase! Message me with the code FLING25 and I'll change the price for you or send a new invoice! Sale begins at midnight tonight & runs until 11:59PM EST tomorrow!!


Enjoy!!! Rock on!!!
~Nicole EyeScream


Help support a good cause!

All proceeds from this shop go straight to the Make a Wish Foundation! :)


New shrug & panties listed on Etsy!!

I have listed 2 pairs of wide lace band thongs (super sexy AND comfy!!!) and one badass shrug on Etsy!!

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Interview with EyeScream!!

I had the awesome experience of being interviewed by Kim of Poisoned Creations for the Craftanon Etsy Team blog!
Check the feature out HERE!


EyeScream's Snowed In SALE!!!

I just made HUGE markdowns on EVERYTHING!!!!! If you've been eyeing something, now's the time to buy!! :)


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Whatever Gets You Off!! (the video)

EyeScream can be seen in the new The Last Vegas music video for the song "Whatever Gets You Off"!!! Chad Cherry (lead singer) is wearing his custom, pleather & faux fur vest :) Show us some love & check it out:

Watch the video HERE!!!!!