An update on everything EyeScream...

It's me again! I have some news on the EyeScream front: my Etsy shop will be on a temporary hiatus. This is a GOOD thing, because I am planning a badass re-launch, to take place sometime within the next couple months!! So what does this mean?? Basically, I have cleared out my Etsy shop and moved some left over stock to my secondary ArtFire shop (so go there if you would like to purchase something!). I am going to be making some kickass clothing for my re-launch, and it's all going to be pretty exciting! I'm going back to my roots, more metal, more rock-n-roll, just generally more badass! :) See, when you've been doing this as long as I have, sometimes you get kicked off your path...you find yourself straying from the things you want to make to keep up with the trends, and well, that sucks. Even if it does bring in the cash...it still sucks.

So I'm gonna go back to sketching and getting my ideas down...and soon I'll be bringing you some badass EyeScream pieces!!

Much love