Custom goods for charity!!!!!

For the first time EVER! EyeScream is offering listings for completely customizable hoodies and thongs!!! YOU decide what you want me to make! Think it can't get any cooler?? It can. These are only available through the charity shop I helped set up, and 100% of the money will go to our current charity: Toys For Tots! So, you get a kickass one-of-a-kind hoodie or thong, while helping a kid have a better holiday!! Click the icon below to go directly to the shop and check out all the other rad items!! ♥

Attention Southern California people!!

Please help my friend find her kitty!! Even if you aren't in SoCal, pass this along to your friends who are!! She needs her baby back!! :(
EyeScream will be donating a reward to anyone that finds her! Either cash or credit to my shop...please find her!!!!

Visit the Facebook group HERE, it has all the info on when and where she was lost!!


Rock-n-roll will never die!

I wanted to share with you all some pretty exciting news from EyeScream! Most of you already know, through my FaceBook or elsewhere...but I thought a proper shout-out was due. I am working on some great rock-n-roll gear for an awesome, energetic rocker: Chad Cherry of The Last Vegas!

My first exposure to the whirlwind that is Chad Cherry, came back in March of this year, when I traveled to Hershey PA to see one of my absolute favorite bands: Motley Crue. I was able to get in the front row, and admit that I was just really anxious for the Crue to come out...Because as most of you also know, I have a pretty large Nikki Sixx obsession. :) So the first opening band turned out to be The Last Vegas. Chad Cherry came swaggering out and as they played their set, I was just staring in awe. Chad's stage presence is reminiscient of Perry Farrell from Jane's Addiction, David Bowie, and Iggy Pop. Needless to say, his energy was fucking awesome :)

Fast forward to October. While promoting my shop on Twitter one day, I saw a Tweet from The Last Vegas about an article with Chad and something to do with Lip Service clothing. Without even reading the article first, I replied that Chad should be wearing EyeScream! Well, one thing led to another, emails were exchanged, and the rest is history! I have made a couple rock-n-roll scarves for him, and am working on a pretty rad vest as well...with more to come! This is hands down the most exciting and rewarding experience I have had since starting my company back in 2001. To be able to work with someone who has much of the same style asthetic as myself, and to have awesome promotion opportunities involved...it has really been amazing so far!

The photo above is The Last Vegas with Nikki Sixx (center-seated). Chad Cherry is at the far right.

Please take a moment to visit the band's WEBSITE, follow them on Twitter, add them on Facebook or MySpace! They are currently on tour, and I highly recommend you catch a show or two!!! See their website for dates!

Keep your eyes peeled, because the union of EyeScream + The Last Vegas can only mean awesomeness!!!