A Whole Lotta Stuff!

Happy post-Thanksgiving! :) Hopefully your holiday was awesome, however you chose to spend it. I actually had Thanksgiving Day off from my day job, for the first time in 9 years!! So that alone made the day pretty rad! This was also my first Thanksgiving since switching my diet to vegan, so I was pretty excited! I took the "safe" route and bought a Tofurky boxed vegan meal:

It included a Tofurky, vegan gravy, Amy's brand vegan chocolate cake, vegan jerky "wish-sticks" and a couple coupons & a postcard! I decided I needed more, because Thanksgiving is all about eating lots, right??? ;) So I also made some vegan stuffing, and added carrots, squash, cranberry sauce, and pickles to the buffet. AND I also found a vegan pumpkin pie!!! I cooked the Tofurky with the soy sauce/oil/sage baste it recommended on the box, and surrounded it with green peppers, onions, and potatoes. It came out FANTASTIC!!!! I could have ate the whole thing in one sitting, it was that good! (But I didn't!) There was enough for me, my husband, and lunches for the next 2 days. I haven't even tried the cake yet, because we just finished the pumpkin pie...but I'm sure that's tasty too! I hope to cook a Tofurky for everyone I know sometime, because it was so much yummier than turkey--I think people are afraid to give it a chance! Thanksgiving CAN be absolutely delicious AND slaughter-free!!

Aside from the Thanksgiving feast, I have been making some new items! A few wrist cuffs, scarves, bandanas, and neck cuffs!! I don't have pictures of everything yet, and will be sending some out to be photographed..as well as getting modeled shots of my scarves new and old! So watch out for those! Here's a few pix of new pieces in the shop:

They can all be found HERE!
More being added very soon!!

I am also doing a FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING promotion in my shop until the end of the year, so don't miss out!!! :D

Feel free to contact me to put in any requests too! I'm not doing custom items at the moment, but will definitely keep requests in mind while creating new pieces!
That's all for now! Enjoy the last couple days of November!

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Pili said...

I'm really glad to hear you had a great Thanksgiving, Nicole!

And I so love that tiger scarf!!