Displaying one-of-a-kind clothing..thoughts??

Ok, so I've been at this for years...but I would like to know what everyone thinks of this issue. I've used it all, from dress form to mannequin, to modeling myself, to other models. Now it always seems to look more badass on a live person, but I'm thinking of investing in a mannequin (full-with hair and everything ) just because my stuff is OOAK (one of a kind), and I know some people are concerned with cleanliness, even if it's stated that the items are laundered before shipping. I know most people selling OOAK clothing that model themselves or have models, seem to be doing well...so maybe people have loosened up?

What are your thoughts? Keep it live, or keep it unworn??
~~Dress form
~~Full Mannequin
~~Seller modeling
~~Various models


Anonymous said...

Models. You are someone else. I find mannequins kinda creepy and unprofessional. Just my opinion!

Anonymous said...

I think mannequins are kind of cool, but it's a lot harder to tell what it'll look like in person
but I vote mannequin

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