Win some EyeScream Cash!!

EyeScream is having a giveaway!! :)

Giveaway begins Monday 3/5/12 and ends on Tuesday 3/20/12!! (Which is my birthday, so give me lots of new friends for my present!) :)

Here is your mission:

1. Giveaway is a referral contest! Get as many of your friends to "Like" the EyeScream Industries page on Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/EyeScreamIndustries )

2. Once they "Like" the page, they need to leave a comment on the Wall telling me who sent them. (Please make sure they use the name you are using as your Facebook name, if different than your real name! I need to be able to track you! )

3. The person with the most referrals wins! Winner will receive credit to be used in the EyeScream store
( www.eyescreamindustries.com ) and credit will depend on number of referrals! Credit will be valid for 6 months after end of contest, so it can be used for items currently in the shop, and any new items posted within this time frame.

4. Number of referrals will be rounded up in increments of 5!
EXAMPLE: 11 referrals= $15 credit, 25 referrals= $30 credit, 50 referrals= $55 credit.

5. Please make sure to "Like" the page yourself as well, if you haven't already, so I can contact you if you win!! :D You WILL be required to be a fan of the page to win!

Have tons of fun!!! Good luck to everyone!!! I'm looking forward to seeing lots of new faces!! :) :)
Thanks for all your support!!
Nicole EyeScream

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